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Radar 360° scanning icon for site intrusion detection system.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Accurate, reliable, future-proof perimeter intrusion detection system is a ‘must have’ for any complex, active site. AdvanceGuard site intrusion detection monitors both sides of the perimeter and alerts you to imminent threats so you can act quickly and efficiently, before harm occurs.

When it comes to perimeter surveillance radar gives you the edge.

Most security systems only detect an intruder once they’ve breached the perimeter, but AdvanceGuard is different. Using 360º scanning radar and intelligent, rules-based software, it monitors both sides of your perimeter and knows the difference between legitimate and illegitimate activity. AdvanceGuard therefore minimises nuisance alarms, and pinpoints the location of any genuine intruders, tracking them in real time so you can deal swiftly with threats and get back to work.
AdvanceGuard is easily integrated with most video management systems, and can be adapted as technology advances or site requirements change. It requires little infrastructure, provides constant situational awareness and works automatically 24/7/365, in all weather and light conditions.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Sistem for Energy Generation Sites

AdvanceGuard is more than a PIDS solution 

  • Works in all weather and light conditions
  • Can identify and track ‘friend’ or ‘foe’
  • Constantly monitors both sides of the perimeter

Other capabilities

  • Provides full situational awareness
  • Detects and tracks animals, people, vehicles 
  • Integrates with third-party systems
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Sistem for Airports

How does AdvanceGuard wide area protection work?

Using a combination of 360º scanning radar sensors and intelligent, rules-based software, AdvanceGuard constantly monitors both sides of the perimeter and distinguishes legitimate activities, people and objects from illegitimate events.
AdvanceGuard alerts you when a real threat enters an alarm zone. It can detect and track unlimited targets simultaneously and categorises each target by type, speed, size and direction of travel. Data is recorded for analysis and verification. 

Why choose AdvanceGuard as your wide area surveillance system?

  • Real-time threat analysis

AdvanceGuard distinguishes legitimate from illegitimate activity. It shows the precise location of any intrusion, tracking targets in real time so you can respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Situational awareness 

AdvanceGuard’s high resolution radar filters out legitimate activity and benign events, e.g., wildlife. This minimises nuisance alarms and provides a constant, real-time overview of site activity.

  • Detection in all conditions

AdvanceGuard works even in the darkness of night and extreme weather conditions.

  • Fully automated operation

AdvanceGuard provides constant surveillance of both sides of your perimeter. It’s easy to integrate with cameras, relays and other sensors, and third-party security video management solutions.

  • Minimal infrastructure

AdvanceGuard’s radar scans 360º and covers a radius up to 3 km, so most sites need just a few sensors.

Why our customers trust AdvanceGuard

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