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Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Reliable site intrusion detection is required on all complex or busy sites to ensure the safety of visitors and workers, and to protect property from damage. As well as being a threat to safety, site intrusions are also the cause of major disruptions, which can be costly, time-consuming and damaging to reputations. Therefore, intruder presence must be detected, tracked and monitored accordingly. Most security systems are only able to detect an intruder after a security breach has already occurred, meaning disruptions are inevitable.

The fully automated AdvanceGuard system provides accurate site and perimeter intruder detection (PIDS) at all times. The wide-area surveillance allows detection both inside and outside of the perimeter, which is crucial in preventing a major security breach. It operates autonomously in all weather and light conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that any site intruders will be detected quickly and tracked in real-time, allowing operators and guards to act quickly and efficiently. AdvanceGuard is an intelligent rules-based system, meaning only true threats and security breaches will raise alarms.

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Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow, rain and sand
  • Complex and cluttered environments
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
  • Extreme temperatures 

Detection Types

  • Inside and outside the perimeter
  • Vehicle and person detection
  • Controlled zone detection
  • Wildlife detection
  • Critical point detection
Image of a perimeter fence to protect from site intruders

How Does Site Intrusion Detection Work?

AdvanceGuard intrusion detection system has a rules-based software which detects threats in complex and busy sites. It has been installed in over 80 critical infrastructure sites where full situational awareness is essential.

The 360° scanning sensors will locate and track any potential site intruders. Movement is tracked and analysed in real-time, throughout the entire event. It can categorise the target as a 'friend' or 'foe' and can differentiate target type, speed, size and direction. This data could be stored for forensic analytics.

Additional AdvanceGuard Functions

Pin points the exact location of site intruders, and their direction of movement and speed, providing accurate data for fast response.

High-resolution radar differentiates target size, meaning it can filter out small animals and authorised worker activity. This keeps nuisance alarms to a minimum.

The intrusion detection system operates inside and outside of the perimeter. Intuitive interface. The system controls cameras, relays and other sensors. It integrates with bulk SMS providers ans security/video management systems.

Real-time tracking, enabling a fast response to any potential site intrusions. Ability to recall track history. 

Only true threats will cause alarms to be raised. Authorised personnel, vehicles and watercraft will not be categorised as a site intrusion. This allows operators to have full trust in the system.  

AdvanceGuard Value Proposition

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