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Friend or Foe

AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe distinguishes between legitimate and unauthorised personnel, eliminating nuisance alarms. The long range accurate detection works even in poor lighting and weather conditions. AdvanceGuard tags friendly assets in green at all times, ensuring all authorised personnel and vehicles can be precisely located.  
If a true threat is detected, the fully automated solution will direct cameras to provide visual verification of the incident. AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe will tag all unauthorised targets in red, clearly distinguishing them as a threat. This enables a rapid response to intercept intruders before they become a security risk. 

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Screenshot of Friend or Foe integrated with our world leading AdvanceGuard software.

About AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe

 AdvanceGuard Friend or Foe goes beyond accurately identifying intruders. The solution eliminates nuisance alarms from authorised personnel and vehicles, meaning reliable detection that operators fully trust.  

  • Insight of the situation

AdvanceGuard’s interface displays authorised assets in green at all times, providing the precise location of people and vehicles.

  • Fully automated operation

Performs reliably in all weather and light conditions automatically directing cameras to provide visual verification.

  • Real-time threat analysis

Accurately pinpoints the exact location of targets and distinguishes as a 'friend' or 'foe', raising an alarm when a true threat is detected.

  • Intelligent alarm suppression

Settings can be applied to eliminate alarms generated by authorised vehicles and personnel.

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