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SafeGuard is a stand-alone, smart sensing solution for challenging obstacle detection and collision avoidance applications.

Powered by Navtech's 360°, high-resolution CIR radar, specifically designed for industrial applications, SafeGuard works in all weather and environmental conditions delivering reliable performance in harsh conditions. This high-performance radar technology is paired with embedded radar processing and control software, all accessible over a simple web interface. The result is a smart sensing solution you can quickly integrate to increase the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Intelligent threat analysis used at a Port

Accurate detection

  • Fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Strong vibrations

Easy integration

  • Web based user interface
  • Up to six programmable detection zones
  • Advanced features to help reduce false alarm rates
Industrial Automation by Navtech Radar

How Does it Work?

SafeGuard combines the high-resolution CIR sensor with embedded radar processing and control software, all accessible over a simple web interface.

SafeGuard software has six areas that can be created as detection zones, and each can be configured separately. This allows for independent warning zones and fail-safe zones.

Within each area, the you can configure key parameters to optimise detection and reduce the false alarm rate, such as break allowance, threshold data and allowance decrement. A fail-safe function is also available that will trigger an alarm if an object is not seen when it is expected to be seen.  

All zones can activate an industry standard ethernet I/O module (i.e. ADAM relay module), allowing you to choose what action should be taken, for example to prevent a collision or trigger an audible and visual alarm.


Configurable detection areas


Editing configurable areas

Smart sensing for the toughest applications

SafeGuard smart sensor is ideal for applications in challenging environments, where the use of other sensing technology may not be appropriate due to its limited performance in adverse conditions.

Typical applications include collision avoidance, intelligent process automation, proximity warning, ship height detection for bridges and detecting whether an object or vehicle has moved from a safe location. Ideal for application in ports and mines, on harbours and bridges, and in other industrial settings.  It enables you to increase the safety and efficiency of your operations through automation, with an off-the-shelf solution that interfaces with industry standard relay modules.

Underpinned by decades of experience in delivering radar solutions for mission critical applications, you can rely on Navtech's SafeGuard solution to increase the safety and productivity of your operations.

Why choose SafeGuard for industrial automation?

  • Multiple relay alarm outputs

Software activates up to six relay alarm outputs.

  • Easily configurable

Up to six zones can be easily configured through the user interface. 

  • Stand alone solution

No external processing required.

  • Fail-safe function

Can be configured to indicate a system failure.

  • Low false alarm

Advanced features to help reduce false alarm rate, independently configurable per zone.

  • Web based user interface

Simple to use, configuration tool. 

  • Modbus integration

Through integration with a Modbus, master alarms are passed to third-party systems. 

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