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Robust Operation

Developed with experience in delivering high-performance radar-based solutions since 1999, our industrial-grade sensors perform reliably whatever the conditions.

Radar technology is widely used in marine and aerospace environments for the very reason it should be used in the autonomous vehicle environment: working at a different frequency to Lidar, and unlike cameras and other current technologies, radar is unaffected by rain, fog, dust or dirt. Our radars, designed to be maintenance free for 10 years, will continue to provide 360°, long-range detection in adverse conditions, when other sensors become inoperable.

Reliable performance

  • Industrial-grade
  • 360° field of view
  • High-resolution 
  • Independent operation
  • Maintenance-free

All-weather operation

  • Rain, fog, dust and dirt
  • Water and spray
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Strong vibrations
  • All light conditions including complete darkness
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Designed for Industrial Applications

Our industrial-grade radar sensors are consistently reliable

All-weather-conditions-radar Dust

We rigorously test the performance of every radar to withstand all conditions. Vibration resistant and IP67 certified the sensor is designed to operate in the harshest conditions. Our FMCW sensors use mechanical scanning meaning there are no active moving parts.  As a result, the electronic component count and complexity are reduced and circuits will run cooler, greatly increasing the lifetime of the components. 

With zero dependence on external systems such as GNSS, radar has the benefit of being a stand-alone sensor able to operate independently. This means set up is simple and the data provided by the radar in incredibly robust. GPS, for example, requires visibility of satellite systems and therefore doesn’t work underground, or in areas where constellation is poor such as urban environments. Radar by contrast works everywhere, every time.  

 Designed to be maintenance free for 10 years, our industrial-grade sensors avoid costly disruption to your operations, giving you long-term value for your investment.

Technical Specifications

Explore our radar sensors specifically designed for industrial applications.

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Why you can rely on our sensors

  • Maintenance-free

Designed to be maintenance free for 10 years.

  • Industrial-grade
  • Unaffected by adverse conditions

Reliable performance in all weather, light and environmental conditions.

  • Independent operation

Zero dependence on external systems such as GNSS.

  • High-performance

360°, high-resolution, long-range, data-rich radar sensor.

Work with us

Whether you are new to radar or replacing existing sensors, our technical team will support you to make the most of our radar technology.

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System specification

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