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Reliable Detection and Tracking

Unreliable security systems are not only a threat to safety, but also the cause of frequent disruptions and loss of operator trust. Recurrent nuisance alarms account for a reduction in operator vigilance. Equally, systems which are unable to provide reliable and accurate information on intruder whereabouts can have detrimental consequences or inconvenient delays.

The AdvanceGuard solution is highly accurate and reliable, boasting unrivalled rates of low false alarms. It can analyse behaviour or detect intruder presence both inside and outside of the perimeter, to ensure an early response to potential security breaches. The software continuously tracks targets, providing accurate information on movement and speed, to ensure operators are fully aware of the situation at all times. Poor weather and lighting conditions do not affect the performance of the radar, so it can be relied on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Radar perimeter detection system

Detection Conditions

  • Rain, fog, snow, sand and dust storms
  • Complex or cluttered environments 
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
  • Extreme temperatures

Detection Types

  • Vehicle detection
  • Land and water detection
  • Person or wildlife detection
  • Inside and outside perimeter detection
  • Friend or foe 
Image of CCTV camera integration for total reliable detection.

How does detection and tracking Work?

Navtech's 360° scanning sensors detect threats, which are then analysed by the intelligent, rules-based software. Alarms are generated where necessary, and an unlimited number of threats can be tracked throughout. 

Operators can see all movement on a visual map interface. This provides accurate information on target location and behaviour. Integrated cameras will provide added visual information. This data can be stored and used for post-event forensic analysis.

AdvanceGuard is the leading perimeter intrusion detection radar solution. The system is fully automated and provides ongoing situational awareness, meaning it can be relied on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

What makes AdvanceGuard a reliable intruder detection system?

Pin points the exact location of intruders, and their direction of movement and speed, providing accurate data for fast response.

  • Low false alarm

AdvanceGuard only raises an alarm when a true threat is detected, meaning false alarms are kept to as little as one per-radar per-day. This allows operators to have complete trust in the system.  

Reliable radar detection of intrusions in and outside of the perimeter. Intuitive interface. The system controls cameras, relays and other sensors. It integrates with bulk SMS providers and security/video management systems. Operators do not have to manually do anything, meaning cost is lower and response times are quicker.

  • Ongoing situational awareness 

Real-time tracking, enabling a fast response to any potential threats. Tracks targets throughout the entire event. Ability to recall track history for forensic and training purposes.

  • Quality standards 

Our innovative technology is created at our own ISO 9001 certified facilities in the UK, to ensure the highest standards of quality. This allows you to have a fully functioning, low maintenance system that you can rely on. 

  • Low cost of ownership

The system only requires maintenance at five-year intervals and no cleaning or further recalibration is required after commissioning. This, combined with fully automated operation meaning no manual work is required, means the cost of ownership after purchasing is minimal.

Why our customers trust AdvanceGuard

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