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Radar Sensor

Radar provides accurate range and angle measurements of objects within the field of view. Due to the characteristics of radar, this works in all lighting and environmental conditions, offering significant advantages in challenging environments where such conditions are common.
The SafeGuard smart sensor interprets this data and can be configured to activate an output based on whether a detected object is within a defined field. These fields are user programmable over the simple web interface.
For example, a detection area can be set up so that an alarm is triggered if any object comes within 20m of a moving gantry or piece of machinery. Up to 6 independent zones can be configured to be any shape or size, within the field of view of the radar, and are created within the simple user interface.
SafeGuard is a low power solution with a 1Gb ethernet interface for communication and alarm activation. The system includes a built-in interface with industry standard relay modules, as well as advanced features to help reduce false alarm rate.


SafeGuard Robust Sensor

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Strong vibrations

Other capabilities

  • Impact resistant
  • 360° scanning sensor
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Anti-collision
  • Configurable and integrable
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Why Choose SafeGuard for Industrial Automation?

  • Uninterrupted operation

Sensor performance is unaffected by all weather, lighting and environmental conditions.

  • Zero maintenance

Five-year service interval and no maintenance or cleaning required.

  • High-resolution imaging 

360° field of view.

  • High-performance

Long-range, high-resolution and fast update rate.

  • Compact design

Allows for easy handling and installation.

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