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Land and Water Detection

Complex sites with large bodies of water can be difficult to protect from intruders. The lack of physical barriers at sites such as ports, harbours and reservoirs precludes the use of many traditional security technologies.

AdvanceGuard's intelligent threat analysis provides an ideal solution to these types of applications. The reliable detection system has both water and land detection capabilities, meaning watercraft and swimmers, as well as pedestrians and vehicles can be detected. The software has been designed for optimum coverage, meaning watercraft and swimmers can be detected and tracked from a large distance, up to 3000m. Multiple sensors can be linked together to provide coverage of the entire site, meaning land and water areas of complex sites can be monitored.

Image of a harbour where land and water detection would be required.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow, rain and spray
  • Complex or cluttered environments
  • All light levels, from darkness to sun glare
  • Adverse temperatures

Land and Water Detection Types

  • Swimmer detection
  • Slow or fast watercraft detection
  • Slow or fast vehicle detection
  • Person detection
Image of an industrial port with land and water areas where security would be needed.

How Does it Work?

The fully automatic security system will take control of cameras, relays and other sensors if a potential threat is detected. From the control room, operators and guards can monitor and track these intruders without having to do anything. This will allow for a faster response time if the target is seen as a danger.

The AdvanceGuard radar scans over water with extreme accuracy, helping to prevent access into sensitive or high-security areas by alerting and detecting all suspicious activity or unauthorised entry. The system can be be configured to provide detection well before a breach into a critical zone.

Why Choose AdvanceGuard for Land and Water Detection?

AdvanceGuard pin points the exact location of swimmers, watercraft, people or vehicles. It identifies their direction of movement and speed, providing accurate data for fast response.

High-resolution radars differentiates size and categorises target types. It can filter out authorised personnel, vehicles or boats, to keep alarm rates low, providing reliable detection and tracking.

The automatic security system takes control of cameras, relays and other sensors, meaning operators can react to any potential or actual threats quicker.

AdvanceGuard has a high level of trust from operators, as it only identifies land or water intruders which are a true threat to safety or property.

The system tracks any unauthorised presence in the water or on the land in controlled zones in real-time, enabling a fast response. It can recall track history which is stored in a one central database. 

AdvanceGuard Value Proposition

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