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Critical Part Monitoring

Critical parts are often difficult to monitor, due to the usual lack of physical barriers and frequent use by authorised personnel. Choosing to protect the area using manned guards could become highly costly, and the inevitable occurrence of occasional human error could be detrimental. Equally, building physical barriers might prevent unauthorised access, but freedom of movement for authorised personnel would be affected.

Costs and disruption caused by the building of physical barriers can be avoided by installing AdvanceGuard. AdvanceGuard can be configured to create a virtual perimeter around the airport's critical part. The rules-based system can differentiate vehicles from people, and can also analyse behaviour within the critical area. Behaviour which does not comply with the rules created by the operators will generate an alarm. A unique 'friend' or 'foe' software and ADS-B can also be added for immediate target recognition. AdvanceGuard can also automatically control existing third-party cameras, to provide continuous visual information with no required interaction.


Image of airport runway and surrounding areas which may me considered critical parts

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms
  • Complex or cluttered environments
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
  • Extreme temperatures 

Other Capabilities 

  • Controlled zone detection
  • Restricted zone detection
  • Critical part monitoring
  • Scalable and configurable 
  • Rules based software
Image of Aeroplane take off at an airport where the may be critical parts which need monitoring.

How does it Work?

Learn how AdvanceGuard provides critical part monitoring 

Navtech's high resolution radar sensors can scan 360°, with an operating range of up to 3000m radius. The long range means critical part and the surrounding areas are covered, enhancing airport security and safety. 

Airport security authorities can choose critical part boundaries for their specific site. A virtual perimeter can be drawn around the chosen area. An alert will be generated when a person or vehicle crosses the CP line. The software is highly configurable, catering for even unique and complex airports. 

How is AdvanceGuard used for Airport Critical Part Monitoring

Integration with ADS-B enriches the situational awareness on site. Security teams can see the exact location of aircraft on their site and know  which aircraft they are, providing high levels of information and keeping nuisance alarms from legitimate aircraft (and in some cases airport vehicles) to a minimum. With friend or foe, it’s the best system you can have for monitoring your CP line. Find out more about ADS-B.

Installing AdvanceGuard eliminates the excessive need for manned guards. Guards can instead use their time more effectively. Because of its large coverage area, few sensors need to be installed for critical part monitoring, saving money on initial purchase. The hardware can also be installed onto exisiting infrastructure, 

The intelligent system will only generate an alarm when presence in the critical part areas is considered a threat. This keeps false alarms to a minimum, maintaining high levels of operator vigilance, and avoiding nonessential airport disruption. 

Pin points the exact location of intruders approaching the critical part zone, tracking their direction of movement and speed throughout the event. This provides accurate data for fast response.

High-resolution radar differentiates target size, meaning it can filter out small animals or permitted persons and vehicles crossing the critical part boundary. This keeps false alarm rates low.

Intuitive interface. The system controls cameras, relays and other sensors. It integrates with bulk SMS providers ans security/video management systems.

AdvanceGuard Value Proposition

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