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All Weather and Light Conditions

Mission-critical and complex sites require constant situational awareness. However, many sites operate in extreme conditions, which can challenge conventional perimeter protection systems. These conditions may be caused by operations (e.g., the smoke found in power stations), location (extreme heat or cold, sandstorms, snow, fog) or hours of operation (sun glare, total darkness).

Perimeter protection in all light and weather conditions

AdvanceGuard works in all weather and light conditions; it is unaffected by darkness, sun glare, extreme temperatures, fog, snow, smoke and rain. AdvanceGuard allows sites to operate securely and without interruption at all times of day and night, in all conditions, 365 days a year.
Whatever the climate or time of day, AdvanceGuard will warn operators of any impending intrusion, then locate and track the intruders. 

Image of thick smoke at a power station. AdvanceGuard can detect through smoke.

Works in all weathers and light levels

  • Fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms 
  • Water and spray
  • Operates in extreme heat and cold
  • Works in total darkness and sun glare
  • Covers land and water surfaces

Provides full situational awareness

Image of snow on the tarmac at an airport. AdvanceGuard can operate in snowy conditions.

How does AdvanceGuard ensure perimeter surveillance in all conditions?

Whatever the conditions, AdvanceGuard maintains full situational awareness. Even in thick fog, smoke or total darkness, it will detect and track intruders even before they reach the perimeter, and while they are on site.
AdvanceGuard is ideal for complex sites that operate in extreme conditions. For example, if a site is located in a desert, AdvanceGuard operates fully, despite the extreme heat and glare. The same applies to sites in snowy and below-freezing conditions. Advance Guard’s high-resolution, 360° scanning sensors remain fully operational in all conditions, while maintaining unrivalled low false alarm rates.
AdvanceGuard is the all-weather, all conditions perimeter protection radar system that mission-critical sites rely on.

Why choose AdvanceGuard for all weather perimeter surveillance?

AdvanceGuard can pinpoint the exact location of intruders, even through thick fog and smoke and in complete darkness.

  • Reliable detection

AdvanceGuard’s high-resolution radar differentiates targets by size, and categorises them according to site-specific settings. It can identify targets of all sizes and types regardless of lighting and weather conditions.

  • Fully automated operation

The AdvanceGuard perimeter protection system is fully automated, so there is no need to change settings according to weather or light conditions. The system will track and monitor any potential threats automatically.

  • Low false alarm rates 

Even in adverse weather conditions, AdvanceGuard's intelligent threat analysis detects only true threats, virtually eliminating nuisance alarms. AdvanceGuard is the all-weather, all conditions perimeter protection radar system that mission-critical sites rely on.

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