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Explaining Stopped Vehicle Detection

Rapid Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD) – in all weather conditions.

Detecting incidents on motorways in low visibility conditions such as rain, fog, snow and at night can be challenging. However, radar is an active sensor and as such is capable of detection in all weather and light conditions. This makes our 360° radar technology with it's long-range and high-resolution uniquely placed to aid the detection of incidents on motorways, with a minimum of sensors and infrastructure required. 

Navtech's ClearWay solution for highways combines advanced software and our patented radar technology used in critical infrastructure applications around the world. It's  Stopped Vehicle Detection can detect a stopped vehicle within 10 seconds and automatically alert the operator, whilst providing exact location information. Each radar scans 360°, four times a second and creating a high-resolution image of the road. The system covers all lanes in both directions simultaneously, in all weather and lighting conditions. ClearWay's software interprets the radar data and tracks all the vehicles on the road, all the time, using this information to make decisions about what is a stopped vehicle. 

"ClearWay is significantly different from other radar technologies typically deployed on highways because it provides 360° high-resolution radar coverage across the whole highway, and every lane within 350 metres in all directions."

Philip Avery, Managing Director of Navtech Radar

Stopped Vehicle Detection is one of many Automatic Incident Detection features provided by our ClearWay solution including hard shoulder monitoring, wrong-way driver detection, pedestrian detection, queue detection, debris detection, wildlife detection and more. Once ClearWay radars are installed, additional features can be added remotely providing a future-proofed intelligent transport system solution.

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