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Beyond a Tunnel Vision

 Beyond a Tunnel Vision: The second European conference on tunnel renovation
Friday 27th November 2020

Our ClearWay solution has been designed to minimise the potential for secondary impacts after an initial incident is identified. This is achieved by our system automatically detecting and reporting stopped vehicles, pedestrians and debris in seconds.

The situational awareness module, within our ClearWay solution, provides the exact position of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel, even in smoke and fire conditions, when you need it most. Real-time updates enable operators and fire services to make life-saving decisions quickly.

Watch our ClearWay - Situational Awareness video below to see our ClearWay solution in action.

About Beyond a Tunnel Vision

Beyond a tunnel vision is an international conference on tunnel renovation, focused on the joint challenges in the infrastructure network of Europe. The virtual event will discuss technology for tunnel renovations, diminish energy consumption and environmental impact as well as the digitalization of processes. The main topic of the event will be addressed in plenary sessions and interactive workshops.

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