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Navtech Signs New ClearWay Partner in Denmark

ATKI A/S new ClearWay partner

“We are delighted to sign ATKI A/S as a new Navtech ITS partner to help bring ClearWay, our highway safety system, to the Danish road, bridge and tunnel market” says Ozair Baig, ITS Technical Sales Engineer, who leads on the Nordic region as part of the ITS team at Navtech Radar.

The official partnership, builds on a successful collaboration to date between Navtech and ATKI A/S, including a demonstration earlier this year to key decision makers considering how to further improve safety for drivers on Danish roads.

ATKI’s Benny Nissen says: “We are proud being appointed as the Danish partner and distributor of Navtech ClearWay 360-degree Radar. ClearWay sensors provide an uninterrupted road safety solution in all weather, lighting, and environmental conditions. We look so much forward to introducing the advanced Automatic Incident Detection primarily used for highways and tunnels.”

Navtech already has a significant ITS footprint in Norway and Sweden. With its radar technology delivering safety in tunnels, such as in the Norwegian Ryfast tunnel totalling 28.8km, and on highways such as the Swedish E4 motorway. Given the darkness and severe winter conditions the region experiences, ClearWay’s ability to detect in poor visibility when other technologies start to fail is incredibly important.

Navtech's Ozair Baig continues: “With ATKI’s extensive experience and well-established presence as a traffic solutions provider, we hope to support our customers in the region with their road safety objectives to enable safer, more efficient and more sustainable journeys for their users.

"We look forward to a successful partnership to deliver our proven radar-based Automatic Incident Detection system to grow our existing presence in Scandinavia.” 

What's next?

Navtech is joining ATKI A/S at the VEJFORUM 2023 event on the 06-07 December in Nyborg, where they have a live demonstration of our highway and tunnel safety system on their stand.

Hosted by ITS Denmark, ATKI’s Benny Nissen, will be giving an introduction to Navtech’s ClearWay technology in a webinar on the 14 December - Upcoming Webinarers | The webinar will be in Danish and titled: What's happening on the road? Radar technology and incident detection

Navtech and ATKI A/S perform a live demo of ClearWay earlier this year

Ozair Baig, ITS Sales Engineer

Ozair Baig, ITS Technical Sales Engineer at Navtech Radar 

If you would like to know more about our work on motorways and in tunnels across the Nordics please contact Ozair Baig ITS Technical Sales Engineer – and Northern Europe lead at Navtech Radar


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About Navtech

Navtech Radar innovates with radar to deliver world-first capabilities in highway safety, critical national infrastructure security and industrial automation. Its solutions provide reliable performance in all conditions and push the boundaries of what is traditionally possible, using its unique radar technology.

Navtech is now part of Halma PLC, acquired after a period of rapid growth. A FTSE 100 company, Halma is a global group of around 45 technology companies who work with a shared purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future.

Article first published: 07/12/2023

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