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Introducing our new longest range sensor

Introducing our 5 km long-range ground surveillance radar for AdvanceGuard

5km radar ground surveillance sea

Navtech Radar has developed a 5 km radar sensor for use with its innovative AdvanceGuard perimeter security solution. The new sensor works on both land and water surfaces, detecting vehicles and watercraft, swimmers and pedestrians at distances up to 5 km. Each 5 km sensor rotates 360°, to cover up to 79 km2, and works in all light and weather conditions including total darkness, fog, snow and sun glare.

Ideal for challenging environments, regulatory compliance

Navtech’s new 5 km sensor is ideal for use in marine-approach monitoring, mission-critical sites and border protection operations, and in locations that have traditionally been hard to monitor automatically, such as extended borders and sites where visibility is limited. Furthermore, the new sensor’s long range will help sites that operate under strict monitoring and security regulations to comply with those demands.

Powered by AdvanceGuard’s intelligent, rules-based software, the 5 km sensor identifies and tracks unlimited intruders, and provides complete situational awareness across both land and water surfaces, 24/7/365. What is more, AdvanceGuard allows users to tag ‘friendly’ targets, so that these can be ignored by the system, which greatly reduces nuisance alarms and increases operators’ confidence. AdvanceGuard also makes it easy for users to integrate the 5 km sensors with their existing systems, cameras and VMS.

Superior performance, low cost of ownership

The 5 km sensor is competitively priced and requires little maintenance, with an interval of at least three years between services. Consequently, users will gain excellent product performance with lower cost of ownership. Every installation is bespoke, and comes with Navtech Radar’s unrivalled customer support, which runs from customer requirements to installation and beyond.
If you would like to be an early adopter of this development, or to find out how it might be used on your site, please get in touch with Navtech Radar today.

Article first published: 27/06/2023

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