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The UK’s Most Improved and Dangerous Roads

The Road Safety Foundation (RSF) performed a review of Britain’s road systems and produced a report that lists UK’s Most Improved and Dangerous Roads. The full report titled ‘Making Road Travel as Safe as Rail and Air’ can be reached by the link and the main points are summarised below.

The report indicates that Britain’s roads are still unjustifiably unsafe, demonstrating an increasing number of fatalities every year. It is estimated that Britain loses around 2% of GDP in road collisions every year and over 1,700 people die on Britain’s roads annually.

The main message from Lord Whitty of Camberwell (Chairman of Road Safety Foundation) was that we should no longer accept these high levels of road fatalities. He believes the annual death toll can be driven towards zero and travel on our road system can be made as safe as on rail and air, given the technology available and the modern world we live in.

He believes this goal is achievable within a generation due to the new innovative safety products that are accessible.

UK's most improved and dangerous roads

What did the report find about the state of our road network?

  • Most Dangerous Road: A285 between Chichester and Petworth. The reason behind this is due to a spike in the number of fatal and serious conditions from 17 in 2009-11 to 23 in 2012-14.
  • Most Dangerous Region: The area with the highest rate of death or serious injury is the South-East.
  • Most Improved Region: Scotland, with a 21% reduction in risk of death or serious injury.
  • Largest Cause of Injury: Over 33% of all injuries attributed to crashes at junctions.
  • Cost of Accidents: Reported costs of £6.4 billion on local authority A roads, £2 billion on the strategic ‘A’ road network and £0.9  billion on motorways.
  • Riskiest Roads: Single carriageways! It was found that the risk on single carriageway roads was eight times higher than a motorway, and three times higher than dual carriageway ‘A’ roads.

It was interesting to see from the report on the UK’s Most Improved and Dangerous Roads, that the roads with the highest speed and heaviest volume of traffic weren’t necessarily the most dangerous.

Navtech have been working with road authorities globally over the last ten years to help improve safety on roads and support the drive to reduce road fatalities to zero.

Navtech’s primary purpose is to provide smart solutions for a safer world. Feedback from the road authorities suggests that most injuries and fatalities occur not on the initial breakdown of a vehicle but when other vehicles then collide with these stopped vehicles, especially when conditions are poor and driver visibility is impaired.

The Solution

At Navtech, we are working everyday to develop our innovative radar technology that is able to improve road safety even in the worst conditions. We have dedicated the past decade to perfecting an Automatic Incident Detection (AID) system capable of automatically reporting any incident within seconds of it occurring and providing the exact location to operators  who are then able to respond appropriately. Radar is unique in it’s ability to work in all weather and light conditions.

In independent trials our solutions have been proven to decrease the time to detect an incident from over ten minutes to less than ten seconds. We are committed to work continuously with Highways Authorities to ensure that in the next twenty years, we can support the vision to decrease the number of fatal crashes to zero.

Our AID system is the best product on the market for detecting and locating incidents. It has proven it’s ability to increase road safety where ever it is installed, whether this is in a highway, bridge or tunnel environment.

If you would like to know more about our award winning AID system click the link here.

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