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Technical Specifications - Navtech Radar Limited

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Technical Specifications

AdvanceGuard Software and Sensors    

How Does it Work?

AdvanceGuard provides the exact location of any intruders anywhere on your site, both inside and outside of the perimeter. It operates at any time of day and in all weather conditions. As a fully automatic system, operators are warned of potential and actual secured area breaches. Detecting threats and reporting suspicious behaviour allows the security team to respond to any risk as efficiently as possible. All alerts are displayed to operators in real time. The system takes over control of the security cameras and tracks the target, enabling the operators to have full situational awareness of the event.

Explore the Sensors 



For applications with unobstructed line of sight for up to three kilometres, the HDR300 provides our most cost-effective coverage from the AdvanceGuard sensors range. Typically used in airports, deserts and wide open areas. 

The most frequently specified radar in the AdvanceGuard sensors range. Sensors in this range are ideally suited for a line of sight of up to 850 metres. This is typical of most industrial complexes and other critical national infrastructure sites. 

The shortest range radar sensor, with a refresh rate of up to 4 times a second, the HDR100 series is ideal for high precision coverage of small areas. Examples include, sterile areas between fences, and areas with restricted line of sight.





Indicative Range

3,000 metres

1,000 metres

300 metres

Update Rate

1 Hz

2-1 Hz

4-1 Hz

Azimuth Beamwidth




Power Requirements

36 Watts

24 Watts

20 Watts





Mounting Height

2-4 metres

1.5-6 metres

1.5-6 metres

Sensors' Specifications

HDR300 Series

HDR200 Series

HDR100 Series

Supported cameras 

Browse through our extensive list of integrated cameras

Further Information 

Custom Finishes

All HDR sensors can be custom finished with a variety of single colours to help them blend into the background where necessary. 

X Beam Variant 

The beamwidths from the HDR200 and HDR300 sensors are available in either the standard narrow beam configuration or the X-beam variant. The X-beam has an additional close range infill beam of approximately 25°

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