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What makes a Smart Motorway smarter?

Rapid response stopped vehicle detection – in all weather conditions.

Stopped vehicle detection technology is vital for safety on smart motorways. Traditionally, it can take up to 17 minutes for a control room to be notified about an incident on the road. ClearWay detects a stopped vehicle and sends an alert of the exact location within 10 seconds, in all weather and lighting conditions. The system covers all lanes in both directions simultaneously, and works when other systems may fail.

"ClearWay is significantly different from other radar technologies typically deployed on highways because it provides 360° high resolution radar coverage across the whole highway, and every lane within 700 metres in all directions."

Philip Avery, Managing Director of Navtech Radar

ClearWay won the CIHT and Department for Transport technology award. Additionally, according to the Highways England annual report, since the deployment of the SVD system on junctions 5-7, there has been a 42% improvement in fatal weighted injury (FWI) rate.

Proven to work when you need it most, it’s no wonder ClearWay radar solution is deployed on the safest highways in Europe.

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