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Safety in Tunnels

Improving tunnel safety has been a priority for the the Norwegian road authority over recent years, in order to comply with EU tunnel safety regulations. 

Navtech Radar's ClearWay solution has been installed in a number of Norway's tunnels, and provides automatic incident detection and situational awareness in all conditions, 365 days a year. We were pleased to see the following article from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, praising the safety of the upcoming implementation of the radars in the Ellingsøy, Valderøy and Godøy tunnels:

"The radar-based detection technology will tell the Road Traffic Center with high accuracy, for example, to vehicles that have stopped or if there is an object in the roadway.

They will also be notified if there are pedestrians in the tunnel, and traffic operators have the opportunity to get a quick overview of a fire - regardless of the visibility conditions.

- Through radar images, we can see where the vehicle is located and whether people are in the smoke by fire or smoke development. We can transfer the images directly to the 110-central, together with information about where there are people and vehicles, says Sundfær."

The radar systems have since been turned on for active service.

Automatic incident detection installed in two subsea road tunnels in Norway

ClearWay provides reliable detection at all times and during all conditions, including in thick smoke and complete darkness.

Operators in the control room are alerted to the exact location of incidents. (Photo credit: Knut Opeide, Statens vegvesen)

To find out more about our ClearWay solution, please contact us.

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