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ClearWay™ Situational Awareness Video

ClearWay™ gives clarity of vision during fires in tunnels 

ClearWay™ Situational Awareness sees through smoke, fire and hot gases, providing accurate location of stopped vehicles and pedestrians. It enables operators to co-ordinate the emergency services efforts.  

Using traditional CCTV and thermal cameras, six minutes into a controlled fire exercise in a tunnel, the control centre has no visibility of the situation. 

Our latest video compares the effectiveness of radar, CCTV and thermal cameras during a controlled tunnel fire test. Navtech's ClearWay™ solution is the only system able to provide accurate information throughout the event.  

More about ClearWay™

ClearWay™ is Navtech Radar’s award-winning solution for complete situational awareness in tunnels. It has been adopted by leading highways authorities as the automatic incident detection of choice for increasing safety due to its high performance and accuracy in any light conditions. This includes its capability to ‘see through’ smoke and provide location information of vehicles and pedestrians during a tunnel emergency.

Article first published: 12/02/2019

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