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Introducing the new ClearWay CTS175

Introducing a new cost-effective sensor to complement our award-winning ClearWay™ solution.

ClearWay is a renowned automatic incident detection (AID) solution, continuously developed for the last 20 years. It has been deployed globally, proving to be a dependable and flexible solution for all traffic applications, including roads, tunnels, and bridges.

The CTS175 is the newest addition to the ClearWay range and offers the same reliable technology as the CTS350. The choice of two sensors gives maximum flexibility and enables a more cost-effective solution for shorter range applications.

Phil Avery, Navtech’s Managing Director says: 

"We are thrilled to be launching the new ClearWay CTS175. The CTS175 provides AID coverage in both highways and tunnels for 175-metre in both directions, ideal for applications where line-of-sight is limited. Designed to provide flexibility on the most comprehensive safety system available the CTS175 radar enables the solution to be even more cost-effective."

Check out the system specification page for all technical information regarding all of our ClearWay Sensors:

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