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Temporary Traffic Management Radar

Improving traffic flow and driver safety through roadworks 

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Fully automated detection in all weather and light conditions

The challenge

Traffic management companies are tasked with ensuring operational safety and meeting traffic flow targets through roadworks. Current technology detecting stranded vehicles through roadworks rely on the constant manual monitoring of CCTV cameras which is costly, subject to human error, and can present problems in adverse weather and light conditions when visibility is poor.

To help traffic management companies meet their obligations around traffic flow and safety, we are developing a temporary traffic management radar solution for safer and more efficient roadwork traffic management. The solution is based on the ClearWay radar sensor and technology which has been proven to work in the most demanding situations and conditions on highways all over the world.

How will it work?

The solution will provide a more cost-effective solution to traditional 24-hour manned surveillance of CCTV, whilst also providing faster and more reliable detection with a fully automated detection system that operates in all weather and light conditions. 

Our ClearWay radar sensor will be installed by connecting it to the roadside fibre network or mounted on a mobile unit.  The long-range, 360°, high-definition radar will provide coverage over multiple lanes and rapidly detect stranded vehicles. The system is fully automated. When a stranded vehicle is detected, an alert is automatically sent out via text and email. In this communication, a link to the live feed from the closest camera is provided, as well as the camera number, so the traffic officer can quickly verify the alert and locate the vehicle.

Full coverage of the stretch of roadworks is achieved with a minimum of sensors. Depending on the geography of the road, two to three radar sensors are required per kilometre. The solution will help to ensure effective traffic management through roadworks by rapidly alerting traffic officers when there is a stranded vehicle, so they can then take the appropriate action to rescue the vehicle and get traffic flow back to normal.

  • Operates in all light and weather conditions
  • Fully automated system
  • Integrates with existing cameras

Expected technical performance

The system is based on existing ClearWay technology to improve road safety with a new application and business model tailored to meet the need to provide safe and efficient passage for drivers through roadworks. The new application uses our patented ClearWay 360°, high-definition radar sensor and technology. It rapidly detects stranded vehicles and automatically alerts the traffic officer so they can bring the vehicle and its passengers to safety and return normal traffic flow to the road. Our market-leading ClearWay technology proven to work on road networks across the world, including on the E4 motorway in Sweden, where they face extreme road conditions in the winter months.

  • Automatically detects a stranded vehicle, in all conditions
  • High-definition radar sensor for accurate detection
  • Cost-effective, 360°, long-range detection
  • Integrates with cameras for visual verification
  • Easy implementation
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Trials to date

Trial on the UK Strategic Road Network — A46  Binlay Junction near Coventry

In 2021, the Temporary Traffic Management Radar solution was trialled on a section of roadworks at the A46 Binlay Junction, near Coventry in the UK, in partnership with a leading TTM specialist. Six radars were initially deployed, with three radars situated to the North of the scheme, and three to the South. 

The aim of the trial was to ensure that our proven highways sensors could be used in the more complex, changing environment that is common in temporary traffic management. The trial showed that the best use of our radars was to provide alerting when an incident had occurred. PTZ cameras could be automatically focused on the incident, and the image of an incident automatically sent to the Traffic Safety and Control Officer.

About ClearWay

An intelligent transport systems solution, ClearWay provides continuous, real-time industry-leading accuracy and low false-alarm rates. Proven to work in the most demanding situations and conditions all over the world, we provide continuous monitoring of all activities on the highway.

Seb Baucutt_ClearWay Product Manager

ClearWay Product Manager

"This solution has been developed by understanding the problems we see in our work detecting stopped vehicles across the strategic road network, and understanding that similar problems can exist in temporary traffic management.

Stranded vehicles in those restricted environments can both be dangerous and rapidly cause congestion, so being able to automate the detection and alerting is an area we see being hugely beneficial. 

We welcome anyone with an interest in this application to get in touch to be able to influence and understand this product."

We are working with leading TTM specialists to develop this product in the UK.

Contact us to discuss the opportunity to trial this new technology

Article first published: 19/07/2021

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