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AdvanceGuard integrates with HEROTECH8

The new integration brings together AdvanceGuard’s radar-based, wide-area intrusion detection with the HEROTECH8 ‘drone-in-a-box’ technology to deliver a whole new capability. 

Herotech8 drone-in-a-box
About the Integration

The integration provides a fully automated system that detects and tracks intruders in real-time, across large sites, while providing visual information from above. A cost-effective solution for sites where installing fixed cameras to visually verify potential threats is prohibitively expensive, it also delivers enhanced capabilities. The aerial view provided by the solution means intruders can be effectively tracked across complex sites. In addition, the drone’s presence disrupts the traditional dynamics of wide-area surveillance by providing a more proactive response. 

  • Minimal infrastructure is required for installation
    AdvanceGuard’s 360 °, long-range radars provide wide-area surveillance with the minimum of sensors. The HEROTECH8 drone has its own docking station, where it is housed and charged in between deployments, which can be strategically positioned on your site.
  • Fully Automatic Operation
    AdvanceGuard automatically detects and tracks potential intruders and alerts operators, maintaining a low false alarm rate and with its sophisticated rules-based software. The HEROTECH8 platform is able to pick ‘safe paths’ across your site, navigating the different features such as trees. AdvanceGuard has a GIS interface, and can define privacy and geo zones as required. The result is a fully automated end-to-end system, which provides the information security teams need to maintain a secure site of any size.
  • Changes the dynamic of surveillance
    The automated system enables your team to respond, whilst keeping security personnel out of harm’s way. The presence of the drone communicates to the target that they have been detected and acts as a deterrent.

How does it work?

In this integration, our AdvanceGuard software passes its real-time target location information to the HEROTECH8 system. The drone is then automatically deployed and directed to provide visual information, without any operator intervention. Aerial visual information of the tracked targets is streamed back to AdvanceGuard and shown to the operator on AdvanceGuard’s friendly user interface.

About AdvanceGuard

AdvanceGuard provides a reliable, cost-effective solution that delivers continuous automatic perimeter surveillance. For large complex sites, AdvanceGuard provides the most comprehensive security surveillance system available. It is ideal for applications such as critical national infrastructure, data, energy and water sites, and commercial installations.

AdvanceGuard integration with Herotech8

AdvanceGuard 4 software integrated with the HEROTECH8 system.


HEROTECH8 is a robotics startup developing drone-in-a-box technology to enable drones to be deployed, recovered and recharged without the need for an on-site pilot to provide an automated aerial surveillance capability.

For more information about the AdvanceGuard integration with HEROTECH8, please provide your details below and download our flyer.

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