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Icon of a train protected by advanced guard

Trains, Train Stations and Level Crossings

Despite trains being one of the safest forms of transport, hundreds of railway deaths still occur each year due to suicides, trespassers and people ignoring safety procedures. As well as breaching security, trespassers and debris on tracks result in hours of delay, disruptions and cancellations, which are costly and time-consuming for all involved.  It is essential to quickly detect any objects, debris or intruders on the track to prevent death or injury, and to promote smooth running of rail services. This includes threat detection and data analysis at train stations and level crossings.

Our sensors provide high-resolution imaging, which is used to categorise objects which should or shouldn't be present on the railway. Advanced detection allows for faster response times from operators, meaning incidents, delays and disruptions are kept to a minimum. Data is collected and stored which can be used to continuously improve safety.

Image of a large train station, where sensors could be installed for train and railway automation and safety.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Extreme temperatures 
  • All level of light, from darkness to sun glare

Other Capabilities 

  • Impact resistant 
  • 360° scanning sensor 
  • High-resolution imaging 
  • Anti-collision sensing 
  • Configurable and scalable
Image of an intruder on a railway track. Automated sensors would alert operators to trespasser presence.

How Does it Work?

Sensors can be placed onto trains or on existing infrastructure at train stations, level crossings or at the side of railways. The fast update rate allows for reliable detection even with fast moving trains.  

The sensors will detect any potential threats on and around the tracks. This will allow operators, conductors and drivers plenty of time to react accordingly.  Radar sensors will enhance rail automation and heighten safety. 

Level-crossing Safety 

Integration with Vector LX from Jenoptik

Why Choose Navtech Radar's Sensors for Rail Automation?

  • Low false alarm rates 

Sensors only raise alarms when a true threat is detected (e.g. an intruder on the tracks). This creates operator confidence in the system, and therefore means quicker reaction times. 

  • Compact rugged design

The compact design of the sensor allows for flexible installation and mounting options in potentially complex areas. 

  • Long range detection

Long range operation makes the sensor ideal for applications such as trains, where a substantial amount of ground is covered.

  • Easily integrated 

The sensors can be integrated with automated cameras, which can analyse data and monitor suspicious behaviour at stations and railway crossings.

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