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Real-time Threat Analysis

Security breaches are a major cause for concern at complex and busy sites. Failure to detect threats can have detrimental consequences, such as theft and fatalities. Contrarily, sensitive security systems with high false alarm rates can have equally damaging effects when it comes to safety.

AdvanceGuard's complex rules-based software intelligently detects real threats, maximising detection rates and minimising false alarms. AdvanceGuard provides the exact location of any intruders anywhere on your site, both inside and outside of the perimeter. Targets can be categorised according to size, speed and direction, and the fast update rate of the AdvanceGuard sensors allows their positions to be updated in real-time. Important data including information on previous threats and alarms is stored in a central database.

Intruder at the perimeter fence

Detection Conditions

  • Rain, fog, snow, sand and dust storms
  • Complex or cluttered environments
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
  • Adverse temperatures 

Other Capabilities

  • Warns and tracks 
  • Fully automated system
  • Integratable with third-party cameras
  • Complete situational awareness 
  • Adaptable and scalable 
Perimeter security fence

How Does it Work?

“The 360° scanning sensors can rapidly detect and track threats inside and outside of the perimeter. Once a target has been identified the software will automatically identify and classify it as vehicle or person. Once the target is being tracked its behaviour is continually analysed to assess if it’s a genuine threat. Only once a threat is confirmed does the system raise an alarm and task the most appropriate camera to automatically follow the target. The threat’s location, including details such as size and speed are reported to the operator in real-time and displayed on a live map view.

The threat will be followed for as long as the sensor can see the target. Each sensor is capable of tracking hundreds of targets simultaneously. Activity and tracking movements can be recorded for forensic and training purposes. 

Additional AdvanceGuard Functions

  • Real-time threat analysis 

Pin points the exact location of intruders in real-time, and their direction of movement and speed, providing accurate data for fast response.

High-resolution radar differentiates target size, meaning it can filter out authorised personnel and only raise alarms when the target is a true threat.

Detection in and outside of the perimeter. Intuitive interface. The system controls cameras, relays and other sensors. It integrates with bulk SMS providers ans security/video management systems.

Real-time tracking, enabling a fast response to any potential security breaches. Recall track history. 

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