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Oil Rigs

Many oil extraction rigs use outdated or inefficient technology when they could be running in a fully autonomous capacity. Additionally, oil rigs are often in remote or hard to reach areas, so technology systems which require frequent maintenance or cleaning are unsuitable.

Navtech Radar's automation sensors enhance both the speed and operation of the drilling, improving the process and overall providing a more efficient oil extraction. The sensors are compact so can easily be installed on existing equipment. They require minimal maintenance and no cleaning, which makes them suitable for oil rigs in remote areas.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Extreme heat 
  • All levels of light
  • Strong vibrations 

Other Capabilities 

  • 360° scanning ability
  • Integrable and configurable 
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High-resolution imaging 
  • Compact design 

How Does it Work?

The compact and rugged sensors can be easily installed onto existing equipment which reduces the need for further infrastructure investment. Sensors detect movement and enable autonomous navigation, increasing productivity and minimising operating costs. 

Why Choose Navtech Radar's Sensors for Oil Rig Automation?

  • Harsh environment sensing 

The sensors perform unaffected by harsh environments which are often common in oil rig applications.

  • Large detection range 

The long detection range means the sensors are suitable for large and complex sites.

  • Minimal maintenance 

No cleaning of the sensors is required with maintenance intervals of five years only, making a reliable, cost-effective solution. 

  • Low cost of ownership

Automated sensors means less manual resources required. Savings can also be seen on electricity costs since the sensors operate in complete darkness. 

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