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Hard Shoulder Monitoring

With the unprecedented increase in traffic volume, highways agencies across the globe are searching for a cost-effective solution to congested roads and motorway travel. One of the solutions is to adapt motorways into smart motorways, enabling all-lane running traffic. It means the hard shoulder is opened for traffic at peak times reducing congestion and tailbacks. The solution gives the motorway increased capacity without investing in more expensive infrastructure.

For this initiative to succeed, highways agencies must consider all aspects of safety including monitoring the hard shoulder, ensuring it is clear of stopped vehicles and debris. Without a system that can accurately detect these problems, smart motorways and all-lane running cannot be safely implemented.

ClearWay provides accurate stopped vehicle and incident detection across multiple lanes, including the hard shoulder. The fully automatic system can activate warning signs and and alert operators within 10 seconds of a detected stopped vehicle. Operators can then chose to close the hard-shoulder, and drivers are aware of the stopped vehicle, reducing the likelihood of a secondary incident.

Image of a multiple-lane highway with hard shoulders

Hard Shoulder

  • Stopped vehicle and debris detection in hard shoulder     
  • Activate warning signs
  • Alarms generated within 10 seconds
  • Reduce secondary incidents 

How does ClearWay Improve Traffic Flow and Reduce Costs of Congestion?

ClearWay constantly monitors traffic volume and movement on the hard shoulder. If traffic numbers are high enough and average speed is deemed too slow, the hard shoulder can be opened for all-lane running. The system is integrated with third-party systems such as cameras. If configured, the system can automatically take control of cameras. Operators can use the ClearWay data as well as video images, to make accurate decision on opening/closing lanes and altering speed limits. This will ultimately improve traffic flow and minimise unnecessary disruptions. 

How does ClearWay Enable Smart Motorways?

  • Rapid alerts when incidents detected

ClearWay alerts the operator in under 10 seconds of identifying a potential incident. This provides the operator with maximum time available to manage the situation. If there is a stopped vehicle in the hard shoulder, they can close it quickly to minimise secondary impacts and reduce damage.

  • Low false alarm rates 

Low false alarm rates improve operator vigilance and also avoid long periods of disruption. Alarms will only be activated during an actual incident such as a stopped vehicle in the hard-shoulder. This means lanes will only be closed when actually needed, increasing traffic flow on smart motorways. 

  • Traffic flow behaviour analysis 

ClearWay can monitor traffic flow and store data. When ClearWay detects high volumes of traffic, either permanently or at peak times,  the hard shoulder can be opened by operators to ease flow of traffic. It creates an extra lane to provide additional capacity at far less cost that traditional road widening schemes.

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