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Wrong way driver detection

Wrong-way Driver Detection

Wrong way driving on busy roads and highways can have catastrophic outcomes. If a wrong way driver is not detected and dealt with instantly, they will be endangering the lives of themselves and other road users.

ClearWay can be installed at roadside for wrong way driver detection. The radar will detect the vehicle and alert operators within less than 10 seconds. This provides emergency services with the maximum time to reach the driver and intervene. It also allows operators time to activate necessary warning signs.

image of wrong way sign

All-weather and light conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Water and spray
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare

How Does Wrong-way Driver Detection Work?

  • ClearWay continuously monitors all activity on the highway, across all lanes, in both directions.
  • It automatically detects incidents within 10 seconds.
  • The solution operates consistently in all weather and light conditions.

Why choose ClearWay for Wrong-way Driver Detection

  • Rapid alerts when incidents detected

ClearWay alerts the operator in under 10 seconds of identifying a potential incident. This provides the operator with maximum time available to manage the situation and deal with it effectively to minimise secondary impacts and reduce damage. 

  • Activate warning signs to alert other drivers

When a wrong way driver is detected, ClearWay can activate warning signs to alert other drivers using the road. In the control room, traffic control can decide to close lanes or change speed limits following an alarm. 

  • Low false alarm rates

ClearWay boasts unrivalled rates of low false alarms. Reliable and accurate data means operators can maintain a high level of trust in the system. 

  • Low cost of ownership

No maintenance required for the 10-year design life. Automatic operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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