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Traffic Flow Behaviour Analysis

The real-time behavioural analysis of traffic flow can be a fundamental tool for the success of implementing changes to road networks. There are a number of technologies used for traffic counting and analysis, but many are expensive and are limited in their usage.

ClearWay processes traffic data in real-time to produce concise information streams and alarms when incidents occur. The control centre acts on it to improve safety and traffic flow. ClearWay can monitor the entire width of a motorway or detect on a lane-by-lane basis. Single lanes can be defined to alert operators to incidents whilst ignoring the normal traffic flow on adjacent lanes. In addition to this, ClearWay maintains a high-performance in all it's other features, such as stopped vehicle, pedestrian and wildlife detection, and full situational awareness.


Image of vehicles crossing a bridge.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • All level of light, from darkness to sun glare

How does ClearWay enable Intelligent Transport Systems?

ClearWay analyses traffic behavior, gathering and processing huge amounts of data in real-time, to produce concise information streams. It can be integrated to third-party systems to automatically trigger warning signs.

  • Rapid alerts when incidents detected

ClearWay alerts the operator in under 10 seconds of identifying a potential incident. This provides the operator with maximum time available to manage the situation, dealing with it effectively to minimise secondary impacts and reduce damage.

  • Automatically activate warning signs

When an incident or congestion is detected, ClearWay is able to change the road-side electric signs to indicate a problem up ahead. This provides the drivers with an early awareness so they can modify their driving appropriately.

ClearWay Value Proposition

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