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Stockpile Monitoring

Navtech Radar sensors enable the automation of stockpile monitoring. They accurately measure stockpile profile before, and after, each pass. Operators can then use this data to make changes accordingly. These small adjustments quickly lead to an increase in performance and significant cost savings associated with the operation of rotating machines. Our sensors perform reliably in adverse conditions, including dust and dirt. Industrial-grade sensors, designed to be maintenance-free for 10 years and no cleaning is required.

Image of Automated stockpile monitoring for increased productivity in all weather and light conditions.

Accurate detection

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Dust and sandstorms 
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare

How Does it Work?

Navtech Radar sensors can measure the profile of the stockpile prior to each pass of an excavation bucket and immediately after the material has been collected. In doing this, the precise volume that has been reclaimed can be recalculated. The re-claimers position can then be adjusted accordingly, to optimise the capacity for the next excavation. Optimum performance drives efficiency and means expenditure costs are reduced.

Why Choose Navtech Radar's Sensors for Stockpile Management?

  • High-performance sensors

High-resolution, 360°, long-range radar sensors.

  • Unrivalled availability 

Our sensors work in all weather and light conditions so you can operate your site 24/7 safely and efficiently.

  • Industrial-grade

Designed to be maintenance free for 10 years, our industrial-grade radar sensors are consistently reliable. We rigorously test the performance of every radar to withstand all conditions.

  • Easy to install 

With low power requirements and a compact design.

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System specification

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