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Situational Awareness

Site security is crucial for complex and active sites, but AdvanceGuard gives you more than this.
AdvanceGuard monitors both sides of your permitter and tracks objects – which it identifies as authorised or unauthorised – on land and water surfaces. This greatly enhances your situational awareness and site security – with AdvanceGuard’s friend or foe functionality, you can see exactly where your people and vehicles are in real time, and what is happening even beyond your perimeter.

Why is situational awareness important?

Situational awareness improves site security and operational efficiency. With AdvanceGuard’s friend or foe functionality, you can see where your people and vehicles are, without CCTV. AdvanceGuard minimises nuisance alarms and gives you vital data to verify any incident.

Image of a solar farm where full situational awareness would be required.

AdvanceGuard gives you complete situational awareness

  • Automatically detects and tracks activity
  • Covers both sides of your perimeter
  • Directs cameras to provide visual verification

AdvanceGuard distinguishes threat from daily activity

  • Provides full situational awareness 24/7/365
  • Works in all light and weather conditions
  • Integrates with third-party systems, including VMS
  • Unique solution tells ‘friend’ from ‘foe’
Image of a power plant. Even in thick smoke AdvanceGuard still has full situational awareness of any event.

How does AdvanceGuard provides full situational awareness?

Why airports trust advanceGuard

AdvanceGuard uses high resolution 360º scanning radar with sensors that cover distances up to 3 km and intelligent, rules-based software to tailor detection to your site. You tell AdvanceGuard what activity can be ignored and what should trigger an alarm, and its friend or foe capability lets you see authorised and intruding people and vehicles in real time. This gives you robust site security and complete situational awareness.

Why choose AdvanceGuard as your wide area surveillance system?

  • Full situational awareness

AdvanceGuard detects activity on both sides of the perimeter, identifies authorised and unauthorised people and vehicles in real time, giving you full situational awareness 24/7/365.

  • Real-time threat analysis 

AdvanceGuard detects breaches and tracks intruders with pinpoint accuracy, so you can respond efficiently before harm occurs. With friend or foe, you see exactly where your security staff are.

  • Monitors land and water surfaces

AdvanceGuard sensors cover distances up to 3 km on both sides of the perimeter, over land and water surfaces.

  • Cost-effective

Most sites need very few sensors. This reduces infrastructure, installation and maintenance costs.

  • Always operational

AdvanceGuard works automatically in all light and weather conditions, including darkness, sun glare, extreme temperatures, sand, wind, snow and rain.

  • Customisable and scalable

Easy integration with third-party cameras, sensors and video management systems.

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Why our customers trust AdvanceGuard

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