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Autonomous Cranes

OEM Sensor Applications

Easy to integrate and designed to work in the harshest environments, all the time, our OEM sensors are used in autonomous vehicle and industrial automation applications.

Intelligent threat analysis used at a Port

All-weather operation

  • Fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Strong vibrations

Easy integration

  • 360°, compact sensor 
  • High-resolution
  • ROS driver
  • Access to raw radar data
  • Technical support
Industrial Automation by Navtech Radar

Typical applications 

Navtech Radar has been designing radar sensors and software for over 20 years. We support you to integrate our sensors to meet the needs of your challenge.

Icon of an autonomous vehicle

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Cranes

Industrial Automation

Icon of a train protected by advanced guard

Trains and Level Crossings

Icon of a tractor

Agricultural Automation



Icon of an oil well

Oil Rigs

Stockpile Monitoring


Ports and Harbours

How Does it Work?

Example: Port Botany, Sydney

The sensor is integrated with chosen site equipment using a Software Development Kit. There is an option for on-board processing, which reduces the need for infrastructure and bandwidth requirements.

The system is fully automated, but a web-based user interface allows for remote monitoring

The featured video shows the sensor in action at Port Botany, Sydney.

Automate with our easily integrated OEM sensors

  • Ground truth data for autonomous vehicles , an infrastructure-to-vehicle application
  • Anti-collision and stock pile monitoring for mines and ports -  increasing safety and productivity
  • Navigation for agricultural automation and oil rigs
  • Perception and localisation for trains and boats
  • Obstacle and movement detection
  • Pedestrian, vehicle and debris detection 

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Our process begins with understanding your specific application requirements. We can arrange site visits and demonstrations tailored for your individual needs.

Icon of spider diagram demonstrating the system speicfications

System specification

Find out about our software and sensors. Visit area

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