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Icon of alarm bell in order to warn security of an intruder or other problem

Low False Alarm

Systems with high rates of false alarms waste time and money, and result in the operators losing trust in their reliability. Some video surveillance technologies have false alarm rates of 50+ per day. This contributes to slower response times and therefore higher numbers of major incidents.

The ClearWay system has false alarm rates as little as one per radar per day. This results in faster response times and allows operators to have utmost confidence in the software. ClearWay is accurate in its detection, making it the most reliable system on the market.

Image of a red alarm, representing ClearWays low rates of false alarms.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • All level of light, from darkness to sun glare

Incident Types

  • Stopped vehicle
  • Slow or fast vehicle detection
  • Vehicles going the wrong way
  • Pedestrians or animal detection
  • Debris detection
Image of vehicles on a highway in fog. ClearWay is a high-performance detection system, even in fog.

Why Choose ClearWay?

Low false alarm rates means operators reaction times are far higher than that of operators using systems with frequent false alarms. This makes it easier to count and classify incidents and prevent future incidents from occurring. ClearWay gathers and processes data, in real-time to produce concise information streams. It can be integrated to third-party systems to automatically trigger warning signs.

  • Rapid alerts when incidents detected

ClearWay alerts the operator in under 10 seconds of identifying a potential incident. This provides the operator with maximum time available to manage the situation, dealing with it effectively to minimise secondary impacts and reduce damage.

  • Low cost of ownership

Fewer false alarms mean a lower cost of ownership, as time and money is not wasted responding to false events. There is also no cleaning of the sensors required, and maintenance is only required at intervals of up to five years. This makes ClearWay a low cost traffic safety solution. 

  • Improves traffic flow

Low rates of false alarm result in fewer disruptions to traffic. This is because there are no lane closures or changes in speed limit if not actually required. Ultimately, traffic flow is improved. 

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