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Bar graph icon for measurement sensors for automation and traffic management.

Ground Truth Data

Autonomous vehicles require measurement sensors on existing infrastructure to be able to operate. Automated sensors on vehicles such as cars and trains even with a long range of view can only perceive the area around them.

Navtech Radar's measurement sensors can be added to autonomous vehicle infrastructure (e.g. roads, buildings and traffic signs). These sensors connect to the vehicle, to warn of any obstructions such as lane closures or track intruders which are 'beyond the horizon', and not visible to the vehicle itself. The radar sensors remain fully functional in all weather and light conditions, making them suitable and reliable for measurement applications.

Image of a road closure - Navtech's measurement sensors can connect to autonomous vehicle sensors to provide warning of lane closures.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • All levels of light 
  • Extreme temperatures

Other Capabilities 

  • Impact resistant
  • 360° scanning ability 
  • High resolution imaging 
  • Compact design 
  • Long range operation
Image of level-crossing, where measurement sensors can be placed to provide advance warning to trains about vehicle trespassers.

How Does it Work?

On-board sensing and ground truth data

Measurement sensors are placed on roads or tracks where automated vehicles or trains will be operating. The sensors offer detailed traffic and obstacle detection, which can connect to on-board sensors.

In the event of an obstruction or threat, measurement sensors can send advance warnings to on-board sensors, so they can react accordingly. For example, lane changes due to lane closures or emergency stopping. 

Why Choose Navtech Radar's Sensors for Measurements Applications?

  • Independent source of data 

Measurement sensors act as an independent source from on board vehicle sensors. This allows advance 'over the horizon' and 'around the corner' sensing information, covering parts of the road and surrounding environment which are not visible to the on board sensors.

  • Ideal for test routes 

The sensor can provide an analysis of autonomous vehicle behaviour in normal traffic flow as well as junction traffic optimisation.

  • Advance warning of pedestrians or road and track debris 

Sensors both on-board and on the road or track provide advance warning of any pedestrians or debris which may cause an obstruction or accident. The high-resolution imaging means even small debris or wildlife is detected, allowing for complete safety.

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