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Fully Automatic Operation

Surveillance systems which require manual operation and extensive training can be time-wasting and costly. This can often lead to slower response times and therefore an increase in the number of potential incidents.

Once commissioned, AdvanceGuard operates automatically by detecting then tracking any potential threats. AdvanceGuard can be sold as a stand alone system, but is always integrated with cameras to enhance safety through added visual information. Cameras will be optimised by the AdvanceGuard system according to current threats. No cameras need be restricted to a particular area of view; they can operate independently or be grouped to perform functions such as all following multiple targets or intelligently searching for targets. Intelligent camera control will mean cameras automatically handover targets to when closest to ensure the best view of threats. In the case of multiple targets, by default the system timeshares its recording, but this can be changed by the operator to focus on a single target if required.

Image of automated CCTV cameras which can be integrated into the AdvanceGuard system.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms 
  • Complex or cluttered environments
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
  • Extreme temperatures 

Other Capabilities

  • Warns and tracks 
  • Integratable with third-party cameras
  • Complete situational awareness 
  • Adaptable and scalable 
  • Rule actions to control cameras
Image of operator in a control room analysing data from the AdvanceGuard software.

Latest Integrations

AdvanceGuard, the fully automatic security surveillance system, can be integrated with a number of third-party surveillance cameras, to ensure maximum safety.

Integration with Dallmeier

AdvanceGuard can be easily installed and integrated. The software is user friendly and operators can be fully trained to use it within 15 minutes. 

In the control room, operators can track and observe targets behaviour without having to do anything. Operators can take control of the system by selecting one area and assigning a particular camera or multiple cameras to a task. Intelligent camera control means cameras follow targets closest to them and handover when appropriate. 

This video shows an integration with Dallmeier's Multifocal Sensor System Panomera®

Integration with HEROTECH8

AdvanceGuard automatically detects and tracks potential intruders and alerts operators, maintaining a low false alarm rate and with its sophisticated rules-based software.

The HEROTECH8 platform uses the co-ordinates from AdvanceGuard to direct a drone to provide visual information. The integration enables the visual verification and tracking of targets across large and complex sites, and in places where fixed cameras are not installed.

Want to be an early adopter of this technology? Visit the Innovation Lab for more details on this new Automated Aerial Security Surveillance product innovation.

Supported Cameras

AdvanceGuard can automatically take control of cameras that are integrated into the software, to zoom in on or monitor an intruder, without the operators having to do anything. This allows operators more time to analyse the intruder, and intercept accordingly. 

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