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To stop re-occurrences of security breaches, incidents must be analysed following an event. Insufficient data could prevent forensic departments from correctly convicting offenders, and will also mean repeat incidents would be likely and would be dealt with inefficiently.

Navtech Radar's AdvanceGuard solution can store critical data, including targets movement, speed and direction. Identifying entrance and exit routes provides forensics and security with sufficient information for future incident prevention. The forensic data can also be used for training purposes, ensuring security are fully aware of common target behaviour incase a future event did occur.

Forensic Data Analysis

Forensic Information

  • Entrance and exit routes 
  • Movement tracking 
  • Speed and direction
  • Target type 
  • Video of events 

How Does Post Event Forensic Analysis Work?

Comprehensive incident analysis

In the event of a security breach, the AdvanceGuard software will analyse and track the target's movements. The system will generate an alarm allowing for a fast response.

Information of the event will be stored on a database for up to 30 days. The latest software allows for complete post event forensic analysis of the data. This data can be accessed by system administrators and forensics teams to determine what took place.

Why choose AdvanceGuard for Forensics?

System administrators can easily search for alarm or target data, including a detailed history of all movement. This allows forensics to understand how intruders were able to enter and exit the compound, and the behaviour of their movement.

Heat maps highlight areas of frequent activity to identify patterns of movement and highlight security vulnerabilities.

  • Target type classification

The intelligent software can differentiate target types, providing forensic staff with essential details for investigations. The software also classifies direction of movement and speed, for added information. 

  • Reliable data 

AdvanceGuard is a reliable system, meaning forensic data will be accurate and relevant. It has unrivalled low false alarm rates, meaning irrelevant information should not interfere with evidence.

  • Training and prevention

The data can be used for security training and future prevention. Entrance and exit routes can be analysed and added security measures can be implemented in these areas to ensure repeat incidents do not occur. 

AdvanceGuard Value Proposition

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