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Easy Integration

With full access to raw radar data, we’ll support you to interpret and integrate our sensors to meet the needs of your challenge. Our sensors are fully ROS compatible and quick to integrate, so you can get up and running fast. Whether you are new to radar or replacing existing sensors, our technical team will support you to make the most of our radar technology. Our autonomy solutions provide an easy way to simplify and complement even the most complex and multi-layered autonomous systems of software and sensors by offering quick and easy integration into any autonomy stack.

Fully supported solution

Our OEMSensors are ROS compatible and come with a software development kit (SDK) allowing you to customise the radar data to your needs.

Alternatively, our off-the-shelf, autonomous solutions such as Terran360 and SafeGuard, are designed to integrate into any autonomy stack.

Mounting the sensor

Halma and Oxbotica announcement with off-road video for radar localisation for autonomous vehicles

The radar's compact design means it can be installed simply and easily no matter the location. Weighing only 6 kg, whether you need to mount the radar onto a moving vehicle, large crane or dedicated structure, installation is quick and simple. 

Zero dependence on external systems such as GNSS or markers, means set up of our Terran360 radar localisation solution is simple and incredibly robust. Due to its 360° field of view coupled with it's high-resolution and long-range, our radar sensor processes more than 12 million data points per second, meaning you can achieve comprehensive data from a single sensor.

Technical Specifications

Explore our radar sensors specifically designed for industrial applications.

Icon of the compact radar

Explore the sensors

Why integrate our radar technology?

  • Compact design

Allows for easy handling and installation

  • Easily Integrated

Off-the-shelf solutions that integrate into any autonomy stack

  • Configurable

OEMSensors with an Software Development Kit to access the raw radar data

  • Uninterrupted operation

Sensor performance is unaffected by all weather, lighting and environmental conditions.

  • High-resolution imaging 

360°, high-resolution, long-range, data-rich radar sensor

Work with us

Whether you are new to radar or replacing existing sensors, our technical team will support you to make the most of our radar technology.

To find out how Terran360 unlocks the full power of automation fill in this quick form and we will get back to you shortly. 

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System specification

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