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Cyclist Detection

Cyclists have the potential to cause incidents when present on busy roads and bridges, or in tunnels. Vehicles may fail to recognise cyclist presence, or they may dangerously manoeuvre around them, leading to accidents and then secondary collisions. Failure to detect cyclist movement could lead to a number or avoidable injuries and fatalities.

Implementing ClearWay radar technology on busy roads can minimise the potential for collisions and road deaths. The wide-area coverage and early warning system can detect cyclists which pose a true threat to safety, and quickly alert operators so they can respond to the situation accordingly. The software can be easily configured to filter out the presence of cyclists on roads where they are permitted to be, contributing to a reliable low false alarm rate system that operators can have total confidence in.

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Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • All level of light, from darkness to sun glare

How Does it Work?

In the control room you see the exact location of cyclists throughout the event. ClearWay’s intuitive rule-based software is designed and created by our own award-winning team and it is easily integrated with other systems via a simple API layer.

If cyclists are considered a true threat to other vehicles or themselves, ClearWay will raise an alarm quickly, to allow plenty of time for operators to coordinate an emergency response. 

The system can be configured accordingly to ignore cyclist activity on roads where cyclists are permitted.  The low false alarm rate and fast response time makes ClearWay a reliable system for cyclist detection, trusted by the operators and recommended by independent consultants.

Why Choose ClearWay for Cyclist Detection?

  • Rapid alerts when incidents detected

Operators will be alerted to any cyclists in under 10 seconds. This allows sufficient time to coordinate a response if necessary.

  • Ongoing situational awareness 

The system will continue to track and monitor the location of the cyclist throughout the event, so operators can know the exact location if they need to be reached. 

  • Automatically activate warning signs

When cyclists are posing a true threat, ClearWay can automatically activate warning signs to alert vehicles to the cyclists presence. This will slow vehicles and lower the chance of an accident occurring. 

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