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Count and Classify

With increasing volume of vehicles on the road, being able to count and classify traffic has become an important issue for road authorities. Traffic counts are used by local councils to identify which routes are used most, and to either improve the road or provide an alternative if there is an excessive amount of traffic.

ClearWay provides the source data used to calculate the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). The intelligent system can analyse multiple lanes, collecting data on road occupancy, as well as speed, size and direction. The product can replace or be used with existing MIDAS sensors, for accurate traffic count and classification. The detailed information is saved automatically by the system and compiled for traffic network management by operators and agencies who own the highway. Data can then be used to improve traffic flow and road efficiency. Count and classification operates in tandem with the AID capabilities of ClearWay, removing the need for further equipment, subsequently reducing costs.


Image of vehicles in multiple lanes on a highway. ClearWay can count and classify vehicles in multiple lanes in a detection zone.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Water and spray
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare

How does ClearWay Count and Classify?

In addition to all of the features, ClearWay accurately reports on:

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ClearWay is able to calculate the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), recording automatically and very accurately the exact speed, direction and location of every vehicle on the highway in the detection zone.

Car icon in motorway lane for hard shoulder monitoring


Monitors traffic flow on the highway, and records congestion, slow moving or stop start traffic. Road operators can use this information to decide whether different measures are needed to improve traffic flow and efficiency.

Car icon in motorway lane for hard shoulder monitoring



ClearWay can automatically record the speed of every vehicle on the highway. The data is used to demonstrate peak speed times and peak congestion times and it is used for enabling free flowing schemes.

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Size based classification

ClearWay is able to count and classify different vehicles based on their size and  length. This allows for accurate data recording. Classification is over multiple lanes and carriageways from a single sensor.

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Gap and headway

ClearWay is able to provide the average gap and headway between cars as it detects the exact location of vehicles. This can support with tailgate prevention.

Direction of movement

The ClearWay radar system can determine which lane of the road is travelled on more and in which direction. Sensors operate over a long range. 

ClearWay Value Proposition

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