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complex made simple

Complex Made Simple

We know that every autonomous application and environment is unique. Our autonomy solutions provide an easy way to simplify and complement even the most complex and multi layered autonomous systems by offering quick and easy integration into any autonomy stack, with full support from our team.

Our compact, 360°, long-range radar, with zero dependence on external systems, builds a data-rich picture of its surroundings, whatever the conditions. The sensor's low power requirements and compact design makes it easy to install and can be mounted on the front, side, top or rear of a vehicle or on a dedicated structure.


OEMSensors raw radar data

Unrivalled availability

  • Unaffected by rain, fog, dust or dirt
  • Operates in dense, urban or cluttered environments 
  • Wide-area, featureless environments
  • All levels of light, including complete darkness

Reliable accuracy

  • High-resolution, 360°, long-range
    radar sensor
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Zero dependence on external systems
  • Unrivalled availability

Whether you choose full access to raw radar data, or one of our sophisticated localisation and anti-collision solutions, we’ll support you to integrate our sensors to meet the needs of your challenge. 

Our technical team will provide full support to integrate our radar technology into your workflow and ensure you are always getting the most from your radar. We also have our manualstechnical information and FAQ's online so you can access information and learn more about your radar easily.

complex made simple

Not only are our radars designed to be maintenance free for 10 years, but they also have a capability that other sensors don’t. Working at a different frequency to lidar, cameras and other technology, radar is unaffected by rain, fog, dust or dirt and will continue to provide 360°, long range detection in adverse conditions when other sensors fail.

Radar unlocks the full potential of your entire autonomous operation. Reducing the downtime and disruptions that impact on your productivity so you can achieve more, safely and efficiently. 

raw radar data
Why choose Navtech Radar?
  • Unbeatable expert support and service

Our technical team will support you to integrate our sensors to meet the needs of your challenge.

  • Reliable detection with long-term value

Our sensors offer reliable performance, even in adverse conditions. For centimeter accuracy with fewer disruptions,  our solutions increase efficiency, continuous productivity and total safety confidence.

  • Easy to install and integrate with existing systems

With low power requirements, the solution can be easily installed into existing systems. 

Work with us

Whether you are new to radar or replacing existing sensors, our technical team will support you to make the most of our radar technology.

 Still have a question?  Contact us or visit our Learn More page

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