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Events 2023: Meet the Navtech ITS Team

Navtech's ITS technology makes any road where it is installed significantly safer 

With deployments on many different types of road schemes and in tunnels across the world, come and meet our ITS team to learn more.

Why radar?

When you need a highway safety system that works in all weather conditions, ClearWay is the best technology available.

  • Finds a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds
  • Field-proven across large national schemes
  • Works in poor visibility when you need it most 

The same system can provide other actionable data to deliver further improvements, such as vehicle count and classification, automatic incident detection, and debris detection, to name a few.

CIR Sensor on the Perth Freeway

CTS Radar on the Perth Freeway

Where to find us

With events in America, the UK, Australia, Norway, Central Europe and online we hope we'll be in your part of the world soon. We'll be adding more events throughout the year. Let us know if you'd like to connect.

Transport Technology Forum: SPATULA Data to Vehicles Event, SMLL London, 31 January


ITS Australia logo

ITS Australia Roads, Tolling and Technology 2023, Sydney, 15-16 March


Interchange 2023 logo

Interchange Live 2023, The Vox, Birmingham, 18-19 April

Speaking I Exhibiting

ITS America logo

ITS America Conference & Expo 2023, Texas, 24-27 April


ISTSS 2023 logo

International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS), Stavanger, 26-28 April

Technical Tour I Speaking

2023 ITS Heartland Annual Meeting: Navtech Exhibiting

2023 ITS Heartland Annual Meeting, Missouri, 02-03 May


ITS European Congress 2023, Lisbon, Portugal, 22-24 May

Exhibiting (UK stand)

ITS australia global summit logo

ITS Australia Global Summit 2023, Melbourne, 28-31 August


Intertraffic logo 2024

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024, Amsterdam, 16-19 April 


What’s different about Navtech’s ITS technology?

It works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen. Roads are dynamic environments that can quickly become challenging: whether it’s low sun reflecting in a driver’s eyes; heavy rain causing spray; or dense fog impairing visibility. In these circumstances, alternative technologies fail, and radar continues to work, improving road safety at the most critical times. The same system can delivers multiple capabilities to meet the varying needs of road users, road authorities, tunnel and concession operators in different regions. In addition, with radars installed at the road side covering a long length of road and no maintenance or servicing required for its 10-year product lifetime, ClearWay has a lower whole-life cost than alternative solutions.

Watch the vehicle count and classification animation

Key projects

ClearWay is deployed on highways and in tunnels from Sweden to Australia, New Zealand and America. Field-proven to be effective over large national schemes covering 200+ miles, with high detection and low false alarm rates, it delivers a level of operational performance that makes any road significantly safer and more efficient.


Installed in the Ryfast Tunnel which opened in 2019, Navtech's ITS technology is providing automatic incident detectionstopped vehiclepedestrian and wrong-way driver detection, all from the same system 

To increase safety 102 radar cover a total of 28.8 km in the  tunnel

Ryfast Tunnel ClearWay installation


Trafikverket uses ClearWay automatic incident detection on the E4 motorway, Stockholm to improve road safety in Sweden's severe winter conditions.

Navtech has been supporting ITS technology on the scheme since it was first installed in 2010.

Highway signs


On the Kwinana Freeway in Perth, 700+ sensors are working together to reduce journey times by around 10 minutes.

Navtech's automatic incident detection plays a key role in delivering the reduced journey time. Faster incident detection means emergency crews can be deployed to clear the road quicker.

Navtech Radar

United States

Recently chosen as the automatic incident detection technology for a major highway corridor in Maryland, US, due to its additional functionality.

It will also provide count and classify, and wrong-way driver detection.


About Navtech

Navtech Radar innovates with radar to deliver world-first capabilities in highways safety, critical national infrastructure security and industrial automation. Its solutions provide reliable performance in all conditions and push the boundaries of what is traditionally possible, using its unique radar technology. 

Navtech is now part of Halma PLC, acquired after a period of rapid growth. A FTSE 100 company, Halma is a global group of around 45 technology companies who work with a shared purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future

See an example of Navtech's raw radar data

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Article first published: 13/03/2023

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