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Webinar: Introducing the new Navtech-Oxbotica radar localisation solution

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    Navtech Radar, Oxfordshire OX12 8PD United Kingdom

Title: Introducing the new Navtech-Oxbotica radar localisation solution

Delivering accurate localisation for autonomous vehicles in all conditions, everywhere.
Date: Wednesday 5th May 2021

Time: 11:30 - 12:00 (GMT +1)

In this candid online event, hosted by Dr Inken Braunschmidt, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at Halma, Navtech Radar's Founder and Managing Director, Philip Avery, and Oxbotica Founder and CTO, Professor Paul Newman will discuss how they joined forces to develop a new radar based localisation solution that is unlocking the full potential of automation with proven accurate localisation, even in the harshest conditions and environments.

They will also be joined by Mike Woods, Chief Technologist at BAE Systems Maritime Services who will talk about how they are already applying this advanced technology to bring a new level of capability to their marine operations.  


Join our speakers for the launch of the next-generation localisation product that brings together Navtech's unique high-resolution, 360°, all-weather radar technology with Oxbotica's world-leading autonomous vehicle software.  

Dr Inken Braunschmidt

Dr Inken Braunschmidt, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at Halma

Inken joined Halma plc in July 2017, the safety, health and environmental technology group, as Chief Innovation and Digital Officer and member of Halma's Executive Board. In her role, Inken helps to create and nurture group-wide innovation and digital culture and growth.

Before joining Halma, Inken was the Chief Innovation Officer of innogy SE, and before that for RWE. Prior to that Inken was MD of RWE’s Strategy and Management Consultancy company.

Inken studied Business Administration and Innovation & Technology Management at Kiel University, including a PhD in Technology Management

She is a NED at James Fisher plc and member of the Enterprise Hub Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Phil Avery - Founder and Managing Director at Navtech Radar

Philip Avery, Founder and Managing Director at Navtech Radar

Phil Avery, as an experienced electronic design engineer, founded Navtech Radar in 1999, a company which now delivers radar-based safety and efficiency solutions across the world.

Navtech Radar’s core business applications are highways safety, security for critical infrastructure and industrial automation sectors, when high performance in all conditions is essential. The company designs, manufactures and delivers safety solutions and under Phil’s leadership, continuously innovates and builds on its heritage of providing world-first solutions to challenging situations.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman, Founder and CTO at Oxbotica

Paul Newman is Co-Founder & CTO at Oxbotica, the universal autonomy software company. He creates and leads teams building the technology that will drive the next generation of autonomous vehicles.

His pioneering approach to autonomy is being successfully harnessed for real-world application at Oxbotica – on roads in four continents, down mines, across warehouses and around airports.

With a global reputation as a creator and innovator of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, Paul is also bp Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford, and Founder & Director of Oxford Robotics Institute.

Mike Woods

Mike Woods, Chief Technologist at BAE Systems Maritime Services

Mike Woods is the Chief Technologist for BAE Systems Maritime Services, where he manages the delivery of a diverse R&D portfolio ranging from TRL4 to TRL7.

Mike has a specific interest in autonomous systems and has been involved in the development of surface autonomy solutions for over seven years.

Prior to that he spent 20 years in engineering and management roles for a variety of sub-surface defence programmes. He holds a holds a first degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering & Technology.


11:30 am - 12:00 pm
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