Navtech Radar

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Custom Solutions 

We are always discovering Custom Solutions for new applications with our software and hardware. Solving real-world problems has been the driver of our success.  If you have a unique application in which you trust we can provide a solution we would love to hear from you. 

Innovation is in our DNA
Custom Radar Projects

We craft bespoke solutions with custom features for special design projects. We will work with you to fully understand the project and provide a conceptual design. Our experienced team will support you all the way through to project completion to ensure that our technology will deliver outstanding results. Recent examples include, a bungee jumping analytics package, a safety system for a helicopter landing pad and collision avoidance system for freight trains.

OEM Integration

Navtech Radar's sensors provide highly accurate positioning information in an easy to use format. This can be used to control other automated equipment. We are happy to discuss OEM opportunities to integrate Navtech's technology into your products. Recent examples include autonomous vehicles, camera control, safety equipment for the rail industry and mining equipment.

Software Integration

Our software has been created by our own expert engineers. We welcome opportunities to integrate our technology into your user interface or control modules.

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