Navtech Radar

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Join us for our free CPD accredited training series on radar technology. Learn the fundamentals of how radar technology works. Gain the detailed knowledge needed to specifying radar systems. In these courses, we offer insights from our experience in delivering radar-based security solutions for critical infrastructure sites around the globe. Each course is a live one-hour webinar and worth one CPD point.

This introductory course will give you an understanding of how radar works, and more detailed information on radar technology, including how raw radar images are processed for an accurate picture. 

  • Introduction to Navtech Radar
  • What is radar?
  • A brief history of radar
  • Radar fundamentals: detection principles, answering 'what is clutter?' and exploring resolution
  • Types of radar: introducing the importance of choosing a solution with the correct frequency
  • Types of System: providing background on fixed panel and scanning systems
  • Technology Comparison
  • Application: reviewing security considerations with a real-scenario

Attend a live one-hour webinar event and be eligible for one CPD point.

Site Design Considerations

This module builds on the lessons from the 'Fundamentals of Radar'. In this course, you will develop the knowledge needed to select the right equipment that best meets operational requirements. A real-world site is used to illustrate how radar can be deployed to meet site specific requirements and take into account physical and environmental factors.

  • Site specific considerations: identify critical areas on a site that must be disclosed in radar specifications
  • Physical and environmental factors: discuss external factors that must be considered at the site specification stage in a project
  • System design considerations: developing the system design specification, explore integrations and understand potential licensing requirements

Attend a live one-hour webinar event and be eligible for one CPD point.

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